Fiona's style of floristry works perfectly with grand houses, she can offer an insight into how to design beautiful pieces from what grows in the gardens and on the estates. 



In the summer of 2018 Fiona was commissioned to create a ‘large, sprawling faux botanical installations’ at the 5 star hotel Manor House by Robinson King Interior Design.

Because Fiona usually works with nature, the seasons and locally grown flowers, working with artificial flowers was the antithesis of this and a huge departure for her so she had to think long and hard before accepting the commission. But because the overall effect was to be totally natural and completely in line with her style, she accepted the challenge and it has proved to be one of her favourite projects to work on to date!

The wedding venue

Over a stunning hand painted wall by Diane Hill, Fiona designed and created a stunning, sprawling design in faux flowers. The choice of flowers used was very painstaking , the quality had to be good and appear natural, as if they would just be growing there.

faux botanical installation
faux flower installation

The main challenge was to ensure the entire design was totally free standing, Diane’s wall was far too beautiful and precious to insert any fixings into. See below for some behind the scenes insights into the process of creating it.

The Bistro

Fiona took her inspiration for this stunning space from nature. S

artificial flower installation

The hotel won ‘Best Hotel Interior Design 2018’ at the Northern Design Awards

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Some behind the scenes images of the designs being created