Large arch workshop

This was a small class for just three students who learned about how to create large, natural floral arches and worked together to dress a cave!

Large arch workshop - April 2017

This class was Day 2 of a 1-1 session that was opened up to make a small intimate class of just 3 students (and a cat!) - all wanting to learn about designing and creating large arches, both freestanding and existing structures (the cat not so much). 

We were outside all day in the grounds of the wonderful Briarcourt (also home to Clem's Garden Social Enterprise).

In the morning our workplace was a magical glade, complete with wooden 'toadstools'. 

I demonstrated erecting a freestanding arch taking the students through my thought process, design considerations and mechanics. We used foraged foliages from the grounds as well as flowers from both my garden and the flower market.

We were also lucky to have the very talented Tegan of Roost Film Co taking all images as well as the films - thanks so much Tegan xxx

Fiona Look 1_Low_Res-16.jpg
Fiona Look 1_Low_Res-10.jpg
Fiona Look 1_Low_Res-38.jpg
Fiona Look 1_Low_Res-57.jpg
Fiona Look 1_Low_Res-101.jpg
Fiona Look 1_Low_Res-135.jpg

Then in the afternoon we dressed a cave! Well, what else? There is a beautiful stone folly in the garden of Briarcourt and it just made total sense (to me at least) to dress it.

This time, I left the students to it, with only occasional minor interventions and I adore the finished result

Fiona Look 2_Low_Res-33.jpg
Fiona Look 2_Low_Res-28.jpg
Fiona Look 2_Low_Res-91.jpg

Thank you to Noosheen, Kim and Tracy for getting down and dirty with all the foraging and thanks also to the fabulous Hannah of Aelisabet flowers for her assistance on the day.

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Venue - Briarcourt

Images and films - Roost Film Co

Floral assistant - Aelisabet Flowers