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When Katie from Ponderosa and Thyme came to visit

Way back at the beginning of 2017, the year started with a bang for me and has carried on that way ever since (so much excitement but more on that another time!) .

In very early January, Katie of Ponderosa and Thyme and her lovely husband Mark came to stay for a couple of days. Both still jet lagged I don't know how they were so sociable, but it was a lovely time spent getting to know the person (well, people) behind the social media accounts where I have to admit I do stalk her a little bit!  Katie is one of my absolute favourite designers, a real artist, who paints with flowers.

We had some lovely conversations over food, wine and many dog strokes! We wandered around my desperately sad garden (it was early January and we were mid re-design so it was at it's absolute worst!) and chatted about all things floral, how we got where we are now, our influences, loves, worries etc.

Whilst chatting over dinner we took a last minute decision to make an early morning trip to the local flower market for a wander round and just buy whatever flowers we fancied to create something, just because we could. 

So next morning, Katie drifted around the market looking blummin' gorgeous on about half an hours sleep while I looked like the living dead.

We had a lot of laughs trying to decide on a cohesive colour scheme (well, I say cohesive, Katie went a bit 'off piste' with some bright yellow mimosa, which was pretty out there) 

We opted for all sorts of pretty bright colours, including these VERY pink lisianthus, cyclamen and begonia and got everything nicely drinking.  We then set to work.

I dithered for a while between whether to make a huge urn or a bouquet and eventually settled on a bouquet.

Just before Katie and Mark left, we headed back inside for some picture taking, Katie managed to capture this lovely image of me (believe me, I don't say that often!) and I now use it as my profile picture for all social media platforms.

Then I took a very brief one of Katie, sadly about the only photo I took of her time here 😥

Katie of Ponderosa and Thyme

So, I'm sorry it has taken so long to actually post about our lovely time together. It really was a pleasure. I have said it in other places, but I do feel Katie and I are very similar people, with a similar ethos on life and it's all thanks to social media that we met - go Instagram! 

Next time you are in the UK Katie and Mark, please do come back, maybe in the summer or autumn when the garden is looking like a garden and not some devastated wasteland! xxx

Saltmarshe Hall

I am so honoured to have been asked to provide the florals for this shoot that came about to launch the new range of bespoke and vintage-inspired dresses from Glory Days Bridal, which happens today!

AND (small fanfare ...) Hayley is giving away a wedding dress to one very lucky winner, completely free of charge - see the bottom of this post for details - heck that's one great offer!

Hayley got the team together to showcase her gorgeous new range and everything just came together like magic.  Saltmarshe Hall was an incredible venue with amazing grounds and outbuildings. It was a heavenly day!

About the flowers:

I made three bouquets in total, these two I made in advance from my gardens and the other was foraged entirely from the grounds (with a couple of added chrysanthemum heads for added 'umph') and made on the spot , it was all wild, unruly, big and gangly!

The second bouquet was more restrained and in cooler tones of lemon, pale pink and cream flowers from my garden, including lemon sunflowers, garden roses, lemon dahlias that fade to pink, pink scabious, ferns, jasmine and sweet pea trails. As well as a single faded lacecap hydrangea head and, unbelievably for November, a small white foxglove.

The third, again all picked from the garden with the exception of the trailing pepper berries, was in deeper tones of rusts, salmons and pinks. Again, a little more restrained thank the foraged bouquet, with large dahlia and chrysanthemum heads taking centre stage, but with some twirling flourishes of sweet pea vines and jasmine trails.

I also designed a flower crown from the foraged goodies, with a bit of  chrysanthemum added for good measure.

If I had to choose, my favourite is the foraged bouquet, its wild, large, totally fits into the surroundings and until I started making it I had no idea how it would look, which i LOVE!! It is a bit like choosing your favourite child though (or dog). Do you have a favourite? Id love to hear which and why 😀

Rolling in Roses73.jpg

It was wonderful to be part of such an amazing team of people (including the hairdresser who worked with a broken arm, without realising it was broken!!) and I suspect there may be more (shoots! Not broken arms ).....??? 

Images - Shutter Go Click Photography

Dresses - Glory Days Bridal

Flowers - Firenza Floral Design

Make up - Victoria Farr Make Up artist

Hair - Hula Hair

Venue - Saltmarshe Hall

And for that chance to win the wedding dress see the feature on Rock My Wedding today - you have until midnight on 28th January 2017. Good luck!!!

When everything comes together ....

Yesterday I was involved in the most glorious of shoots and as I type there are only a few preview images from the amazing Shutter Go Click Photography but they are so beautiful I couldn't wait to share them!

The shoot, at Saltmarshe Hall, was arranged by Hayley from Glory Days Vintage Bridal for the launch of her amazing new range of hand made dresses, which she only finished the night before and oh my word, were they exquisite!

The lovely people at this beautiful venue (I really hope I get the chance to work there again, it was SOOOO up my street!) allowed me to use foliages and berries from the grounds to make this bouquet and oh boy, was I in my element. SO many beautiful buildings, walls, trees (and even drainpipes!!).

More to follow :) x

Images - Shutter Go Click

Dresses - Glory Days Vintage Bridal

Venue - Saltmarshe Hall

Florals - Firenza Flowers

Make up - Victoria Farr

Hair - Hula Hairdressing