Wreaths 2017

Wreaths to pre-order ...

 Winter wreath - moss base.  Image  Belle and Beau

Winter wreath - moss base.  Image Belle and Beau

A one off opportunity to pre order a winter or Christmas wreath - to be collected from And Other Stories Leeds store in Victoria Gate arcade on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December 2017 ONLY. 

Each wreath is individual, unique and is created with everlasting or super-long lasting ingredients that will last well into the new year (I still have one from last winter on my front door now twelve months on!).  Any fresh foliage will take on a different feel as it gradually ages and fades. 

Please note the images are just to give an idea of style and will not be an exact representation, no two wreaths will be the same. The ingredients used will be similar to those shown, many have been growing in the garden, including scented herbs for an extra dimension.

Colours will be largely greys, browns, neutrals with some muted accent colours (eg the pink above).  If you have any colour preferences (eg greens/browns, greys/pinks) please state clearly and I will do my best to comply (as long as it isn't dayglo orange with bright pink feathers or similar!), otherwise you will get a truly beautiful wreath made in ingredients I just think work well together.  They tend to be wild, untamed and a little crazy so if you want a perfectly manicured wreath with red bows and cinnamon sticks, I may not be the person for you!! For best results, I suggest leaving me to it, you get a far more artistic creation that way! (If you follow me on Instagram you know they tend to be made with #lovelydeadcrap ).

Please note we are not taking orders for any fresh wreaths.

 extra large winter wreath - twig base. Image  Belle and Beau

extra large winter wreath - twig base. Image Belle and Beau


The wreaths are made on approximately 25cm rings but measure substantially more than this once made up (they are designed to fit a standard door) and are available on either a twig base, 'birds nest' base,  grey moss base or green moss base. 

Because the ingredients are everlasting there is no need to discard it after Christmas!

£60 each - all to be collected from And Other Stories

Extra large (base over 30cm) from  £90 (the 52cm one shown above the fire is £125) - designed as a statement piece for over fireplaces or on walls.

AND!!! as a little thank you, for ordering a wreath I have some exclusive, RSVP invites to a private event at And Other Stories on Thursday 30th November 7pm-9pm with some amazing in store discounts and gifts, as well as a preview of our pop up shop, with lots of plants, gifts and flowers of course! Numbers are strictly limited and on a first come first served basis - I will e-mail you with details with your order confirmation.