Personalised training with Fiona Pickles

Fiona offers the opportunity of learning about her artistic floral style, her ethos and how she creates her 'look'

Private Tuition and 1-1 learning

Fiona offers limited and exclusive dates for seasonal one-to-one classes for those wanting to learn about her individual and naturalistic style, what influences her and how it affects her designs and floral styling.

A rare and very limited opportunity to spend time with Fiona in her beautiful, rural West Yorkshire home, workshop, gardens and surrounding countryside, getting immersed in everything that influences Fiona's free form, natural, seasonal and  effortless style.  

A full day (or two, or three ....) to talk flowers, colours, discuss styles and the process of designing floral pieces.

You can drool over the many vessels brimming with seasonal flowers, just waiting for you to get your hands on them, then together you will go picking in the various and varied areas of her gardens for that perfect little extra to complete your design. Fiona will take you through how she chooses the flowers and ingredients, what she uses for inspiration and will share how she uses colours, shapes and textures. 

These wonderfully creative days are generally aimed at florists wishing to adapt their style, but also appeal to other creatives just wanting to work with Fiona and her flowers. They are fully designed around you and what you want to learn.

Fiona's digital images will be shared with you and with sufficient notice a professional photographer can be invited along to record the day for use in your portfolio (please ask for more details available of photographers and their prices).

Locally sourced and prepared lunch with wine, morning and afternoon refreshments are included, as well as all tools, vessels and flowers. You will of course be able to take your flowers with you at the end of the day.

From £520 per day.

Price on application for small groups and longer tuition.

Fiona also offers occasional days for 2 or 3 attendees for large installation pieces but just ask if there is something specific you want to learn. 

E-mail Fiona to make an enquiry with details about you and what you would like to achieve from your 1-1 along with a choice of dates. These opportunities are very limited so a wide selection of dates will help!