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Improve your Instagram with Firenza Flowers and Janne Ford

Improve your instagram
Thank you so much I had such a lovely day and have returned feeling very inspired. Have been going through my notes and starting as I mean to go on. It was a 7 hour car journey home yesterday but was so worth it. Would so recommend. Thank you again 
— Kelly Russell Flowers

For florists, flower growers, photographers and other creatives

I am really excited to announce a lovely day of creativity and learning about Instagram with myself and the amazing Janne Ford, visual storyteller and stylist.

Janne is a bit of an Instagram celebrity  with a following of  114,000 (at September 2018) as well as her own hashtag (which just happens to be one of my faves). She has propelled her feed from getting 2 likes per post to 6000+ and knows EXACTLY how that has been achieved and she will be sharing that, and much more, with you. 

Head over to her feed (a small preview below), it is a flower lovers DREAM.

 A sample of Janne's beautiful, flower filled feed

A sample of Janne's beautiful, flower filled feed

Both Janne and I started on Instagram clueless about the app (I didn't even appreciate it was an app before I started using it - I kept looking at it on my computer and just could not fathom it) and have each built up our following totally organically (no buying followers or other questionable practices).

We know exactly how you are feeling,  whatever stage you are at.  We will talk about everything that affects  your Instagram presence, including hashtags, timing, how often to post and how to find your tribe as well as tips on photography, styling and anything else that will just make your posts fly. 

All based here in my work space in West Yorkshire, surrounded by lichen, flowers and dogs.

 Instagrammable items everywhere!

Instagrammable items everywhere!

Well worth every minute of my 6 hour journey to get there! We all learnt so much. Wish I could come back & do it all again today!! 
— Jules, Wild and Co Flowers

There will be a proliferation of floral pieces around to inspire you, take pictures of and generally faff about with with. It will be a day of  'doing' rather than just listening so bring your phone/camera/ipad or whatever else you may use.

 little details

little details

Thank you for such an inspirational day. Can’t wait to put all the ideas into practice 
— Deborah, Wild Mint Floral Design

The details

Aimed at florists, growers and other creatives looking to improve their understanding of Instagram and photography  (both phone and camera)

ANOTHER new date just added (AND SOLD OUT!)

Monday March 19th 2018 -  THIS DATE IS NOW SOLD OUT

Tuesday March 20th 2018 - THIS DATE IS NOW SOLD OUT

Tuesday April 17th 2018 -  THIS DATE IS NOW SOLD OUT

Wednesday April 18th 2018 - THIS DATE IS NOW SOLD OUT

Areas we will likely cover (we will ask you to complete some basic questions to ensure we fulfil your needs) 


What is your niche

Who is your customer

Finding your community

What hashtags to use/starting a hashtag

Creating your own style

Creating more opportunities by not thinking small

Designing your gallery

Styling tips

The Instagram community

Photography :                Finding the right light



Editing apps


 candles and beautiful vases

candles and beautiful vases

Such a wonderful day. Thank you so much. Learnt so much and meet some lovely people all in a very inspiring setting! Just got to put into practice now!
— Anthea Birden
 Don't forget your camera or phone

Don't forget your camera or phone

An inspirational day! I have some really lovely photos of your flowers too which is always a bonus!
— Zara Reid Floral Design

Essential information - all classes


Numbers of students for each class are strictly limited to guarantee our full attention.

Time 10.30 - 3pm 

Location - Fiona's home and studio near Ripponden, West Yorkshire

Light lunch, tea, coffee and yummy biscuits included.

New dates still to be announced

Full payment required at time of booking and is non refundable so please check you are able to attend before signing up.

As long as you have downloaded the app and opened an account these will be suitable for you regardless of what level you are.

 Fiona in her workshop

Fiona in her workshop